February 8th 2016

As you all know by now we have won a few "battles":
All vitamins in higher doses than allowed on the Norwegian market was freed for import November 2015.
In December all but one mineral (iodine) was also freed for import.
All of these can now be ordered from anywhere in any dosage.

There are a lot of other substances and herbs that are still prohibited, and we are working very hard to also free them - but, it will take a bit longer time than we could have hoped for. We will keep you updated.

Ultimately we would want to have all of these products available on the Norwegian market as well...... babysteps...... 

Link to the legal (use google translate pls):




At this time we are still working on other substances and botanicals that are considered as medicines in Norway. The action group will keep working until the day our legislation allows us to take care our own own health the way we see fit. My health - My choice!


Our goal is to obtain freedom for Norwegians to buy essential nutrients like food supplements without restrictions on dosage or form. Whether they want to buy it over the internet or in Norwegian stores.

We intend to work to redefine today’s definition of nutrients and have them removed from the Medicinal Law.

We intend to show the Government that the new Law does not work, it just makes potential “criminals” out of otherwise law abiding citizens.

We intend to show that the Government by this Law makes a fundamental difference in the treatment of Norwegians by allowing those that can afford to travel access to the food supplements they need, whilst those with financial constraints, and in ill health will be unable to take this route and could face a severe deterioration in their health.


 Your contribution is important!

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